Olympic Reads

Eric Freeman on NBC’s approach to broadcasting the Olympics, and what it says about NBC:

"The broadcast is athletic competition communicated with an unheard-of level of editorial control, in which stars are picked before the games begin, sports are prized for their ability to produce narrative, and performance comes secondary to what people can say about it."

The myths and legends surrounding Usain Bolt (see also: Luke Dittrich’s profile of Bolt):

"Few would deny that Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world — but even fewer could say why. While his fans are happy to call him a miracle, the man himself is lost in a cloud of legends, hype and marketing."

Adam Elder for Wired on the technological advances in timing that Omega brings to the Olympics:

"The Games are as much a showcase for Omega as they are for the athletes, a chance for the Swiss watchmakers to show off the latest advances in sports timing technology — including a clock accurate to one-millionth of a second."