The Best Watchdog Journalism on Campaign Finance →

ProPublica has rounded up some of the best stories on campaign finance:

This week, we’re exposing the world of campaign finance post-Citizens United, the 2010 Supreme Court case that opened the door to super PACs. The stories fall into three categories: donor profiles, super PACs and scandals, though as Michael Kinsley said: “The scandal in Washington isn’t what’s illegal; it’s what’s legal.”

Among the best is the New Yorker’s profile of the Koch brothers and The New Republic’s recent story on Harold Simmons, the 2012 campaign’s biggest donor, but you should browse the full list.

If you’re into this sort of thing (who isn’t, right?), your next stop will be ProPublica’s MuckReads page, their curation of watchdog reporting, which also has a Twitter hashtag.


Think Again: Cyberwar →

With the advent of viruses like Stuxnet, cyberwarfare is upon us according to Businessweek and a string of other commentators. Thomas Rid for Foreign Policy disagrees, arguing that it’s all hype. So far, any cyberwarfare we’ve seen doesn’t fit the description of an act of war.


Guantanamo’s 10th Birthday

Today is the 10th anniversary of the opening of Guantánamo Bay. Lakhdar Boumediene was held there under suspicion of blowing up an embassy in Sarajevo — a clear mistake from the beginning, but he wasn’t released for seven years. The Atlantic tells the story of Mustafa Ait Idr, also held for seven years, but never told what evidence the US had against him. Then there’s the Afghan teen, held for seven years. Finally, there’s Prisoner 707 Noor Uthman Muhammed, held for nine years. Foreign Policy has a rundown of another ten controversial detainees still held there. Jonathan Hansen says it’s time to return it to Cuba. There’s also a gift shop.

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How Many Stephen Colberts Are There? “Lately, there has emerged a third Colbert. This one is a version of the TV-show Colbert, except he doesn’t exist just on screen anymore. He exists in the real world and has begun to meddle in it.”